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Why Choose Adico Forge?
"Obsession with           quality
       -An Adico
Adico Forge

Quality Control

Each stage of the production process is carefully monitored, measured and assessed and chemical properties using a spectrometer and a photometer. We ensure the traceability of raw material by internally generated heat code system.

Techniques like FMEA are used to ascertain that the part is cut right, the first time. SPC and periodical tests are used to maintain quality at various stages of the production lifecycle. All our production and quality assurance procedures translate into one bottom line - a perfectly produced, perfectly finished, cost efficient and long-lasting product for you!

The best brains in the industry come together at Adico to give you a competitive edge
The state of the art Post Forging equipments such as Heat treatment of forging through electrical continuous furnace (Fully automatic)
UNIGRAPHICS aided CAD/CAM facility
Quality control facility such as spectrometer fully automated magnaflux