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Pre-cut steel billets are heated in induction heaters for minimal loss of heat & controlled heat parameters. Our 750 ton, Our 1000 ton & 1600 ton Russian forging presses can produce parts that weigh from 0.6 kgs to 3kgs. are up to 100 mm in diameter & upto 300 mm long. With our vast experience in connecting rods & related automotive products and the unbeatable legacy of the Amul group, uncompromising quality is our hallmark. Better control over dimensions, better forging, better grainflow, better weight control - with us you can rest assured that you get a product that optimizes efficiency, no matter what the application. Present Forging Capacity is 550 Mt. per month.

Proper processes, effective die designs and flexible production capabilities have enabled us to produce small lot sizes economically. All of which translates into super value for you our customers.

The best brains in the industry come together at Adico to give you a competitive edge
The state of the art Post Forging equipments such as Heat treatment of forging through electrical continuous furnace (Fully automatic)
UNIGRAPHICS aided CAD/CAM facility
Quality control facility such as spectrometer fully automated magna flux