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Post Forging

In our most up-to-date heat treatment facilities we can perform the complete range of heat treatment operations such as normalization, tempering, hardening, isothermal cooling. etc under fully atmosphere controlled conditions. We can supply process data depending on your unique requirements. Further, we can offer induction hardening up to 9 mm (0.30 inches) depth. Our heat treatment furnaces are equipped with temperature control devices to minimize oxidation and variations in temperature.

We have two 1000 ton Russian cold coning presses, which enhance the strength of the connecting rod. Our Shot Blasting machine helps to increase the surface finish & descale the product. The Shot Peening machine is used to release the residual stresses on the surface of the products. We also have Magnaflux crack detection to ensure that you receive products that are completely blemish -free. Finishing (Strengthening Press & Linishing ) operations too are carried out in our own premises.

The best brains in the industry come together at Adico to give you a competitive edge
The state of the art Post Forging equipments such as Heat treatment of forging through electrical continuous furnace (Fully automatic)
UNIGRAPHICS aided CAD/CAM facility
Quality control facility such as spectrometer fully automated magnaflux