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Adico Forge

Company Profile

People and process come together in a powerful combination at Adico Forge to provide you with the best products possible. Automotive manufacturers the world over are sure to have a partner who deserves their full confidence.

All our process are geared towards ensuring that you receive safe, reliable and optimally efficient products. We also offer you on-going assistance throughout various stages of component design and can assist you in making decisions on better technologies to be adopted for enhanced performance and maximum efficiency.

We are single point production source. So you receive the benefit of a system that applies stringent quality checks across the complete production cycle-from the design to the production, every stage is checked, verified and certified. We work hard to ensure that you don't have to!

In manufacturing of Connecting Rod Family, our mission is Excellence & Passion is latest available technology.

The best brains in the industry come together at Adico to give you a competitive edge
The state of the art Post Forging equipments such as Heat treatment of forging through electrical continuous furnace (Fully automatic)
UNIGRAPHICS aided CAD/CAM facility
Quality control facility such as spectrometer fully automated magnaflux