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Why Choose Adico Forge?
"We understand that the world has multiple parameters to judge greatness. And we have striven constantly to qualify in each of them. We' he dedicated all our efforts to being top of the order in quality, competitiveness, delivery & services. And the world has been swift in its
acknowledgement!! "
Adico Forge

Few Words About Us

We are Adico Forge Pvt. Ltd. And we bring to the global marketplace a tradition of superior technology, unbeatable quality and uncompromising value.It is a tradition that is the legacy of the Adico Galaxy Group, our umbrella organization that has provided unstinting value to the world in varied fields since 1965.

The manufacturing sector is on a global upswing. And the connecting rods, crankshafts, humble bearings and other parts are what lie at the very core of the manufacturing sector. At Adico Forge we understand that for the body to grow, the heart has to be sound.

Our business is to ensure, you get top-of the-line products to form the heart of your enterprise. It is our mandate to employ best-in-industry technology to get you the products that optimize productivity and profitability. We are committed to providing you with the core values of speed, efficiency and reliability.

The best brains in the industry come together at Adico to give you a competitive edge
The state of the art Post Forging equipments such as Heat treatment of forging through electrical continuous furnace (Fully automatic)
UNIGRAPHICS aided CAD/CAM facility
Quality control facility such as spectrometer fully automated magnaflux
Future Planning
  • Fully automized single piece flow starting from cutting till shipment.
  • Heading towards flashless forging with the help of innovative design and passing the benefit to the customer so as to help customer in facing the competitive market
  • Self certification with every customer.